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Tuesday was the first salvo of an attack on patient rights, but the battle is not over. We need to send a strong message to Chellie Pingree (, Bruce Poliquin (, Angus King (, and Susan Collins ( that these anti-civil justice bills must be stopped. If you agree that it is unacceptable for the Federal Government to tell the State of Maine how to run our own courts, and to limit your right to hold corporations accountable, contact your Congress person and centers today. You have the power to tell your representatives to stand up for you and your family and vote NO on offensive anti-civil justice legislation that interferes with long-standing Maine law.




Happier Lawyer
Better Lawyer
The 2017 MTLA Annual Meeting
March 17, 2017
Hilton Garden Inn, Freeport

Join us at the 2017 MTLA Annual Meeting and Spring Seminar to explore the concept of mindfulness as it relates to the practice of law. This year's meeting aims to both educate and inspire participants with a series of unique, thought-provoking, and practical presentations that can help you improve your practice, maintain a healthy work-life balance, manage stress, remain civil under pressure both in court and at the office, and improve your practice.

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