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MTLA Statement regarding social justice and racial inequalities. 

With the truly shocking loss of George Floyd’s life, the all-consuming global pandemic was pushed aside in our daily lives to focus on deep-seated racial prejudice in our country. The Maine Trial Lawyers Association’s (MTLA) leadership recognizes that black lives are at risk in ways that others are not.  Together with our national affiliate the American Association for Justice (AAJ), we stand resolute against police misconduct, brutality, and systemic racism.  Right now, we urge our fellow attorneys to uphold and defend the constitutional and other rights of those wronged, stand up for freedom of speech, and petition our local, state, and federal governments for redress of grievances. We also ask members to consider offering pro bono and reduced rate representation to people who need us most right now and to get involved in an organization dedicated to social change. We are committed to listening to our membership and others about how the MTLA can help address systemic injustices, increase cultural competence, and assist with the healing process in our communities during this difficult time. In the coming months the MTLA Board of Governors is committed to present not just a statement condemning these wrongs, but concrete steps that we can take as an organization to improve our judicial system and our communities. To that end, we have created a committee of our board members to immediately begin this work.  


"Zoom"bie Apocalypse
Professionalism Pointers
In and Out of the Courtroom
An MTLA/Maine Board of Bar Overseers
Zoom CLE
A CLE For Attorneys, Their Staff, and Law Students
Nov. 6, 12:30-2 PM
You Are Invited
Are you wondering how to up your game for court appearances and important meetings? Comfy Clothes? or a Suit? Bean Boots? And is it really mandatory for your dog to be out of the room? Please join us on November 6th for a joint MTLA/Board Seminar to improve your Zoom game and make sure you "stay professional" when you are online.

Christiana E. Mann, Esq., Mann Law
Andrew S. Robinson, Esq., District Attorney
Julia Sheridan, Esq., Maine Board of Bar Overseers
Aria Eee, Esq., Executive Director, Maine Board of Bar Overseers
Michelle Feliccitti, Gaige & Feliccitti
Beth Gage, Gaige & Feliccitti
Program Starts at 12:30 PM
Participants will receive 1.5 hours of Professionalism (Ethics) Credit
Cost: $20
Register Here or Call MTLA at (207) 623-2661. Registrants will receive sign-on instructions via email after they have registered.
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