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The Maine Trial Lawyers Association is a professional trade association supported by dues and contributions of individual attorneys across Maine. The Association provides advocacy, continuing legal education, public education, membership and marketing services to Maine attorneys and the people they represent. The Maine Trial Lawyers Association was founded in 1963 and is a state affiliate of the American Association for Justice.

The Maine Constitution provides that every Maine citizen shall have remedy by due course of law for injury to themselves, their reputations, or their property. The Association works to preserve and protect the right of Maine people, consumers, and businesses to hold others accountable in a court of law and, where appropriate through a trial by jury, to the full extent of the Constitution's promise.

The Maine Trial Lawyers Association also works to ensure the independence of the judiciary and to ensure that the courts operate to the benefit of the people they are meant to serve. Maine Trial Lawyers Association is dedicated to promoting the administration of justice and improving the practice of law for the trial bar and the clients it serves, which includes vigorous protection of access to our court system and the right to a jury trial for all citizens.

View a list of Maine Trial Lawyers Association Officers and Governors.